16 Cats With Gloriously Fluffy Tails

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Cats communicate primarily through body language, and a cat's tail can be a great indicator of moods, such as excited, curious, and absolutely fabulous.

1. William Shakespurr's A Winter's Tail

2. Bright eyed and bushy tailed.

3. "Does this hoodie make my tail look big?"

4. Your cat's Tindr profile picture

5. Approaching feather duster territory.

6. Catpunzel, Catpunzel, let down your tail.

7. Who let in the squirrel?

8. When your tail is 80% of the size of your body.

9. In an emergency, this lifeguard's tail serves as a flotation device.

10. "It's the humidity!"

11. What the Dickens! That's like, a tail of two kitties!

12. Every hallway is a runway when you look like a supermeowdel.

13. When you get first place in the tail-ent show just by sitting there.

14. "Bigger box next time, human."

15. Look at this floofy fella. Way to floof, dude!

16. Who is her stylist??


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