16 Dogs Being Extra Good at Fire Stations

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These dogs are more than happy to help out at their local fire stations! They have the training, determination and all the talent needed to do a good job.

1. I'm ready, Captain!

2. Just doing my duty.

3. First day on the job.

4. Making sure everything is up to code.

5. So unfortunately they don't let me drive the firetruck yet.

6. Free hugs given out daily.

7. Let's hit the road!

8. One day...one day...

9. So basically...I'm the guard dog here.

10. I can work the fire hose and everything!

11. Gotta stay hydrated so I can do my best work.

12. Ready to roll!

13. I promise I'll do a great job, chief!

14. Hoping I can be captain some day.

15. Making Texas proud!

16. On fire hose duty!


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