15 Lessons I've Learned From My New Kitten

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I recently adopted the best kitten in the world, Hobbes. 8 weeks old and full of purrs, cuddles, and curiosity, I have learned a LOT from him so far. Here are the 15 most important things I've learned from Hobbes:

hobbes the kitty
Image Credit: julie sharron

1. It's safer to play wearing oven mitts.

My hands and legs look like Frankenstein's monster but IT'S WORTH IT. He's just... so sharp.


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a hand with lots of scratches
Image Credit: julie sharron

2. How to trim a kitty's nails.

The answer: early and often. (See above lesson.)

3. The meaning of "crepuscular."

5am nose bites, anyone?

4. Kitten paw pads work on touch screens.

Sorry to everyone who has gotten a half-written text from me in the last few weeks.


kitty sleeping on a lady's face
Image Credit: julie sharron

5. You CAN breathe when someone sleeps on your face (kinda.)

It's worth getting up late for a warm, fuzzy cuddle.


6. The meaning of "zoomies."

That thing where kittens just RUN AND RUN AND RUN as fast as possible around your house? I get it now.

7. Some kitties love human food.

I did not know that some kitties will beg for food like a dog! At least dogs can't climb on your shoulder while you're trying to eat.



8. Some kitties are both attracted and repulsed by baths .

You're going to fall in THREE TIMES?!

cat on the edge of the bath
Image Credit: julie sharron

9. They can climb ANYTHING.

Including your back... right after you get out of the shower...they're really so sharp.


10. They are furious hunters...of toes and fingers.

Time to do some high steps when you get outta bed in the morning!

11. Their breath DOES smell like cat food.

Ralph Wiggum was right! But I kinda love it?


hobbes and sandy
Image Credit: julie sharron

12. (Some) dogs eat cat poop.

DOGS, CUT IT OUT. (Here's why they do it, and how to stop them.)


13. Get a tall litter box.

Or else that stuff gets EVERYWHERE. (Plus, a tall litter box keeps your dog from eating cat poop!)

14. Kittens can snore. And it's the cutest thing in the world.

julie and hobbes
Image Credit: julie sharron

15. A love like I've never known.

I found my familiar and it feels so good.


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