17 Dogs Who Are Ready For Space Travel

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Step aside, Neil Armstrong. You've got some major competition. These dogs are ready to blast off into space and explore the universe. To the moon!!!

1. Taking one small step for dog, one giant leap for dogkind.

2. Representing the good ole US of A.

3. A picture that will go on to influence a new generation of pups.

4. Space to NASA. Come in, NASA.

5. Yuri Gagarin who?!

6. Is my hair okay?

7. Training is finally done!

8. T-minus 30 seconds 'til blastoff.

9. Up, up, and away!

10. Houston, we've got a problem.

11. I have landed on a new planet. There doesn't seem to be intelligent life anywhere.

12. Boldly going where no pups have gone before.

13. I'm truly out of this world.

14. Gonna plant this flag on the moon soon.

15. The Earth looks so pretty from out here!

16. Officially landed on the moon.

17. Okay, so, which button do I press?


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