15 Dogs Doing Their Best to Deal With Seasonal Allergies

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Allergies are a pain in the paw! These dogs are doing their best to deal with seasonal allergies (read: by sneezing), and it is adorable. Spring is certainly in the air!

1. What an undignified moment to take my photo!

2. I hate pollen!

3. Oh, no, not again.

4. Is spring over yet?

5. Anybody got some Benadryl?

6. A-a-a-a-a-chooooooooo!

7. Instead of taking my photo, you could hand me a tissue!

8. Is it a yawn or a sneeze? Who knows!

9. You think allergies aren't a big deal? You don't understand my pain!

10. I will never sniff another flower.

11. Spring is all fun and games until my sneezing fit starts!

12. Allergy season is THE WORST.

13. Non-drowsy allergy medicine, please. Pronto!

14. Don't laugh at my sneeze face!

15. Whose idea was it to go frolicking in a field?


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