17 Pets Posing With Miniature Versions of Themselves

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The scientists here at Cuteness, who work diligently to bring you cutting edge information on all things adorable, have made a breakthrough in cuteifying—that is, making cute things even cuter. Their new theory is that the fastest route to cuteification is to take something cute and duplicate it on a smaller scale. Evidence suggests that this can increase cuteness by more than a bajillion. See for yourself!


1. Looking like a couple of anime protagonists.

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2. Some dogs are a step above the rest.

3. "I know it's strange, my child, but the ritual collection of our poops is sacred to them."

4. Matching smiles and everything.

5. Aww^2

6. Double trouble

7. "Don't talk to me or my son ever again."

8. "Hold very still. They can't kick us off the couch if they don't know we're here."

9. The M on her forehead is for Mom, the M on his forehead is for Mini.

10. "Do as I doo doo."

11. No DNA test required.

12. Buckle up!

13. "Don't talk to me or my bun ever again."

14. The apple doesn't cuddle far from the tree.

15. "You are welcome to a polite discussion with me and my son anytime."

16. Spring is here and the cat trees are blooming.

17. "If we promise the zoomies are over, can we come back inside?"