15 Very Good Dogs Riding Shotgun

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For dogs that love car rides, there's nothing more satisfying than hopping in the front seat for some quality time with their favorite human.

1. Which Star Wars prequel is this?

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2. "Take a left at the gray fire hydrant."

3. "I want to pee on all of it."

4. The cuddliest little biker gang in all the land.

5. They couldn't agree on who called shotgun first, so they came to a compromise.

6. "That handsome fella is even closer than he appears!"

7. He senses a Puppuccino in the near future.

8. Co-co-pilots.

9. "Get in, loser, we're going to PetCo!"

10. Kind of a fair weather friend.

11. Always buckle up! This has been a Pup-lic Service Announcement.

12. "Are we there yet?"

13. No better place for a nap after a day of dog park shenanigans.

14. "I'll pay for gas next time. Come on, you know I'm good for it."

15. Is there anything better than the wind blowing through your ears?