19 Dogs Who Are Absolutely Thriving In Winter

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Like people, dogs have favorite seasons. Some dogs love nothing more than basking in the summer sun and working on their sub-fur tan (full disclosure: not sure that's a thing). Other dogs are total snow bunnies who love the winter weather. Whether they love winter or hate it, here are 19 dogs who are crushing cuffing season.


1. "My dog developing a core memory of his first snow."

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2. This dog, who is just too cold to get out of bed and will definitely be calling in sick today to stay in bed.

3. First time tasting some snow!

4. Where did he go??

5. Perfect time for a snowdog staring contest

6. ...and a snow fort

7. "My boy may be getting older, but the years fade away in the snow."

8. This dog, who has the most chill attitude toward snow we've ever seen.

9. "Baby Bernese Mountain dog’s first poop in the snow 😂"

10. This daschund, has a great turtleneck sweater for their first snow.

11. This little guy, has a very good head shape for hats and has secretly been waiting all year to show that off.

12. This little guy, who sees Hat Dog's hat and raises him a puffy coat AND booties.

13. This pupper, who is ALL SET with their cozy, stay-at-home plans, tyvm.

14. "Juicy wants to hibernate ‘til late May, Barnaby wants to play outside in the snow for 2 hrs. Somehow they still find common ground."

15. "My pups don't like the cold, but they do like cozy sweaters."

16. This dog knows what branches will make a cozy fire at home.

17. "Our 12 year old kitty & my 13 month old pup - winter warmth and snuggles."

18. Nothing beats a warm and cozy blanket!

19. This dog, who is taking it all in.