21 Dogs Having a Blast in the Snow

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These pups are living their best winter wonderland lives and we are here for it!

1. Check out this cutie in her winter booties.

2. "I am not dog, I am pile of snow, which means I never have to go inside."

3. ♫ Zoomin' in a winter wonderland ♫

4. "Mom, take a picture of me in my snow fort!"

5. This magical shot is definitely going on the holiday card.

6. This shot... not quite as magical, but we love the enthusiasm.

7. Sometimes your loaf of bread just needs a dusting of powdered sugar.

9. When the snow hits so good your ears defy gravity.

10. The world is your snow cone, little dude.

11. "I have returned from my snow adventure a changed dog."


13. The rare snow corgi in their natural environment.

14. Some dogs look super dignified in the snow...

15. ...and others... well, we're just happy they're having a good time.

16. Sometimes there's not enough snow for your liking so you have to do a snow dance to summon more. That's just science.

17. A true snow angel!

18. "OMG, a thnowflake! Did I get it? Ith it on my tongue?!"

19. How can something look so comfy and so uncomfy at the same time?

20. This is the picture in the dictionary next to the word "hooray!"

21. Don't forget to wear your snow suit when you go out this winter!


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