15 Cats Enjoying Snow for the First Time

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It's very, very hot in most parts of the world right now, so it's certainly a good time to cool off with cute photos of kittens and cats experiencing snow for the first time. Wide-eyed and filled with curiosity, these kitties experience the magic of snow with equal parts trepidation and excitement. They won't say no if you say it's time to go back inside though.


Be sure to always use caution with cats, especially kittens, in extremely cold temperatures. Keep a close eye on them for signs that they are cold, and bring them to a warm place immediately.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. Approaching this new phenomenon with extreme caution.

2. Sometimes you gotta experience snow from the comfort and warmth of your own home.

3. Hmm, I don't love it...but it's better than rain so far.

4. I could get used to this.

5. NOPE.

6. The sky is full of wonder!

7. Nothing is quite as mesmerizing as falling snow.

8. Ok, so far snow is cool. Just please don't leave me out here alone.

9. A little bit terrified, a little bit intrigued.

10. Human, we do not approve of this weird, wet, white stuff.

11. This is nothing like the carpet at home.

12. Staring at the sky hoping to make the scary white flakes stop falling.

13. I'm not sure about this stuff. Gotta keep investigating.

14. Thanks, I've had enough!

15. Aaah, get this stuff off me!


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