The Very Best Of The Dress Up Challenge

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Twinning. Doggelgängers. Matchy-Matchy. Howl-oweenies.

Whatever you call it, people are sharing their pup's best fits and we can't stop screaming.

Video of the Day

(Remember: Some dogs are comfortable with clothing or props. If yours is one, don't force the issue.)


1. "So I heard there was a #DRESSUPCHALLENGE ..... How about Gandalf the Gray & Doggo Baggins? 🧙‍♂️"

2. "When your dog and YOUR DAWG are one & the same #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

3. "Does this count? #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

4. "My little princess Geranium 🏵️ and her first steps in the modeling business 🙈 💓 #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

5. "Did someone say #DRESSUPCHALLENGE ? Bishop says the worst part about prison was the dementors"

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6. "This is when Winston and I won the Netflix Animation employee costume contest in 2020! ❤️ #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

7. "Twinning on a snowy day in the Windy City 💛 #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

8. "My boyfriend and my dog aka his best friend for the #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

9. "This is me and my Oyster a few years ago as Joyce and Will Byers from Stranger Things! Halloween 2019! #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

10. "Yeah, me and Khaleesi did the #DRESSUPCHALLENGE too. I’ll never financially recover from this."

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11. "Lily wants to join this challenge! She was the Wienermobile for Halloween one year, and had to get dressed up again when her favorite vehicle came to town! #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

12. "Bailey wants in! 🖼 🎨 🖌 🐾

Bob Ross/ “Dog Ross” 😆


13. "Paging Dr. Soup 📟 push one of pupinephrine and start CPRuff STAT! #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

14. "Servicing all your mechanical needs 🪛🔧🛠🪛🔧🛠🪛🔧🛠🪛🔧🛠 #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

15. "🎵Rocket Maaaaaaan🎵 #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

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16. "My real life beanie baby #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

17. "'What is body milk, if not milk for your body?' #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

18. "That weekend we borrowed a Mystery Machine and Humphrey the Great Dane! ♥️ #DRESSUPCHALLENGE"

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