16 of The Very Best Feline Bathroom Attendants

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These cats have invited themselves to observe some of your most intimate moments. It's a free service that they're happy to provide, but tips in the form of chin scritches are appreciated.

1. No rush, he'll stay there as long as you need him.

2. Luna knows you must feel very exposed right now, and she's here to help.

3. "My cat is a chunky boy, but he doesn’t let that stop him."

4. This is Bobo the gremlin. Like many cats, he cannot decide if he wants in or out.

5. Double trouble!

6. "Not only did he climb in, he brought his toy mouse with him."

7. Pay no attention to the dog in the corner!

8. "Never had a more needy kitty. I saved her from a gas station parking lot in November."

9. "For some reason this is part of Scone's morning routine."

10. "He doesn't understand boundaries."

11. Just doing some quality testing on your underwear elastic.

12. Funny looking cats.

13. "My first cat in pant experience. He just came to me and claimed my shorts as his own."

14. "Everyone say hi to Nala."

15. This cat's name is Loofah, and she's great at her job.

16. "He crawled straight in and went to sleep. Still purring faintly. My legs fell asleep ten minutes ago."


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