15 Pictures of Cats Faceplanting That Are All of Us

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Some cats love smushing their faces into stuff, maybe to keep warm, or because they're shy, or just because it's comfortable. Regardless of the reason, we know one thing for sure: it's cute as heck!

(PSA: Faceplanting is different from head pressing, which can be a sign of distress. If your cat begins to behave unusually and is head pressing, please seek veterinary care. Don't worry, all the kitties on this list are fine!)


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. "Your Standard Issue Cat is rebooting. Please wait 30 minutes before turning it back on."

2. "What’s he looking at?"

3. "When Etta plants, she doesn't mess around."

4. "The king of faceplants."

5. Someone close the curtains, please!

6. "Frannie faceplants every morning in front of my monitor while I’m working from home."

7. The smell is trance-inducing.

8. "My cat face plants on my other cat..."

9. "Oomph."

10. The perfect air mattress.

11. A beautiful cat slug.

12. The bird's eye view.

13. "Dimitri sleeping on the day he was adopted."

14. "Pumpkin go splat."

15. "I shooed him off my lap and..."


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