May the Fur Be With You: 9 Star Wars Cat Toys & Accessories

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If you're a true Star Wars fan, you probably already say "May the fur be with you" when you wake up and talk to your cat for the first time every day. Ok...maybe not. But if you choose from this adorable collection of Star Wars catnip-filled toys and accessories for cat (even cat beds!), you'll want to. And you and your feline furball can have extra Star Wars-themed fun this May 4.


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But first, a note about catnip: According to Chewy, cats usually begin to appreciate catnip between the ages of six and eight months. It's not recommended to use catnip toys with your cats more than a few times per week. Catnip is an herb that grows naturally in the environment, and in order to be kept fresh, should be stored in safe, cool, dark place. Chewy also recommends that you use your catnip toys exclusively with your cats and not with other pets, and it might go without saying, but catnip's not meant for human consumption.

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Ok, now have fun picking from the list and remember to do things safely!

1. Star Wars C-3PO Plush Kicker Cat Toy

Your cat and C-3PO can be best friends with this C-3PO Plush Kicker Cat Toy with catnip. The crinkle paper inside and the little catnip pocket will give your cat a galactic good time. Not only is is shiny, but it is made of a fabric that they can sink their teeth into without destroying.


2. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Grogu Chi Print Personalized Bandana

Suitable for both cats and dogs, this super cute Grogu-themed (aka "The Child") bandana features chibi (a cute Japanese drawing style) versions of Grogu doing various activities like Jedi training, eating soup and frogs, and floating in his hover pram. It's made from soft polyester and comes in three sizes. You can even personalize the bandana with your kitty's name when you place your order.


3. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Grogu Cat Collar

If you can't get enough of "The Child" or "The Mandalorian" TV series, this Grogu-themed cat collar is another stylish ode to the adorable "baby Yoda." It features dozens of little square pictures of Grogu engaged in different activities, and its plastic buckle is adjustable to fit cats of varying sizes. The collar includes a dangling Grogu charm showing Grogu hungrily eyeing a bowl of soup.


4. Star Wars Stormtrooper Plush Mice Cat Toy With Catnip

These are the cutest mice we've ever seen, and we're sure your galactic hunter will like them too. This three-pack of totally pounce-able plush mice cat toys with catnip are shaped like Stormtroopers with little tails. They are stuffed with catnip, which most cats go crazy over.



5. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Teaser Cat Toy With Catnip

Cats appreciate a wide range of toys, including toys they can bat around and chase like the Stormtrooper mice, and toys that they can jump and claw to catch, like toys on a string. This Star Wars Millennium Falcon Teaser Cat Toy with catnip has just what it takes to be a favorite of both you and your cat: They can stalk, chase, and pounce on the Millennium Falcon filled with soft stuffing, catnip and crinkle paper inside, with and strings attached to stimulate every one of your cat's senses.


6. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Grogu Teaser Cat Wand Toy With Catnip

If you've been a fan of "The Mandalorian" from the very beginning, you know how much Grogu likes his frogs! So much so that he eats them! This fun cat wand toy pokes a little friendly fun at Grogu's penchant for eating frogs and features two plush toys on the same string: one of Grogu in his hovering pram, and another of a bright, blue frog (probably desperately trying to evade the hungry youngling!). The plush toys contain catnip to get your kitty extra engaged as you play. The wand measures 18 inches long.


7. Star Wars Galactic Empire Ships Plush Cat Toy With Catnip

This is one of the most fun three-packs of toys you can find. With this Galactic Empire Ships plush cat toy you don't just get the Death Star, you get a TIE Fighter and the Millennium Falcon too. Each of these toys is stuffed with catnip to send them into hyperdrive. All three toys are covered in a durable polyester fabric that they can sink their claws and teeth into without destroying.

8. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Grogu Pram Covered Cat Bed

If your kitty is as precious to you as Grogu is, well, in general, then you'll love seeing them get snuggly inside this soft covered cat bed themed to Grogu's hovering pram, as seen in the TV series. The bed is made with soft, plush velvet and a fluffy cushion that'll keep your cat comfy. The cushion is removable for a machine wash, while you can easily spot-treat the outside of the bed. The bed measures 20 inches in diameter and 16 inches tall.

9. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Grogu Covered Cat Bed

Whether your feline friend wants a soft place to hide or a cozy place to nap, this Grogu-themed cat bed (Grogu sure is popular, isn't he?) is another great bedding option for your cat. The cave style provides a snug little hideaway for cats and small dogs alike to enjoy, and the bed is made from soft material and padding on all sides to keep your cat comfortable no matter what position they end up in. The cushion is removable for machine washing, while you can spot-treat the other parts of the bed. You can also remove the cushion to transform the bed from cave-style into a more traditional bolster-style bed.


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