18 Dogs on Shopping Sprees

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There's nothing quite like retail therapy, and these dogs certainly know it! They've got their little shopping carts, they're in the treats aisle, and they're ready to shop.

1. I only came in for one thing. I swear.

2. Okay, fine, I'll stay on budget.

3. If I fits, I sits.

4. No problem, we can put it on my credit card.

5. Can someone help me? I'm not sure this store has what I'm looking for.

6. Over there! I think I see some chew toys!

7. Yup, these look perfect. I'll take 10.

8. This ball has my name on it.

9. I'm totally a Plant Dog.

10. It's good to have a shopping partner.

11. I don't need a shopping cart. This is fine.

12. I want all the toys and treats, please.

13. You can never have enough treats.

14. Can we go racing down the aisles?

15. You said we couldn't get more than one basket, and now I'm sad.

16. One of us loves shopping more than the other.

17. We're loaded up on treats and life is good.

18. Honestly, I think we should get all these shades. You never know.


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