18 Dogs Who Are Crushing Their Yoga Goals

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Think you've really mastered downward dog? Think again! These dogs prove that nobody can do downward dog or go through their vinyasa flow quite like them. Namaste.

1. You said this would be hard, but I'm chillin'.

2. I call this pose the "window arch."

3. Do not disturb my flow, please.

4. Sometimes I get stuck in a certain pose.

5. Promise to get me a REAL yoga mat soon?

6. My bone motivates me to really nail these poses.

7. Can I nap after my workout?

8. I think this is called "child's pose." Right?

9. Proper form is sticking your tongue out during downward dog.

10. Taking a quick breather, sorry.

11. Yoga is better with a partner.

12. Are we done yet?

13. Ooh, biiiiig stretch.

14. A yoga mat? What would I need that for?

15. After this, let's get some snacks.

16. Wait, what did you say these blocks were for?

17. This pose is my favorite.

18. Allow me to show you how it's done, mom.


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