17 Dogs Who Are Pros at Catching Frisbees

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These agile dogs with the reflexes of a mongoose are no match for any frisbee, whether it be pink, blue, green, or flying at top speed. Marvel at them!

1. The reflexes of a ninja!

2. Got my prize and I'm not letting go!

3. If you think this is easy, let me reassure you that it's not.

4. I am a frisbee champ.

5. Almost got it!

6. I know this photo is not the most flattering, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

7. Who knew I could fly so high?

8. Got my prize, now running as fast as I can!

9. Water's no match for me!

10. Perfect form.

11. How'd I do on time?

12. It ain't easy contorting my body like this.

13. Just taking a little break.

14. I'm a frisbee-catching machine!

15. Please say we're done for today.

16. Is it sleepy time yet?

17. It doesn't get more majestic.


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