16 Kitties With Magnificent Whiskers

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These fabulous felines have put on an outstanding display of superlative whiskeriness. Behold their splendor!

1. Prince Alan and his whisker fireworks.

2. "Olive's Whiskers reaching out for a Hug"

3. Whiskers and ear tufts looking splendid.

4. "Bandit's explosion"

5. "This is goose. His whiskers have their own weather system."

6. The most righteous of chin scritchies.

giphy embed

7. "Whiskers for miles."

8. "This is Finch, lord of whiskers"

9. "She sold her soul for tuna somewhere along the way."

10. "Monty's little firework whiskers"

11. "15 year old has whiskers on point"

12. "His eyes have fireworks, too"

13. "This is Bibi. She has a little soul patch. Desperately wants to learn how to play the guitar."

14. Epic whiskerage.

15. "Foster baby Milo has whiskers to spare"

16. "Whiskers on max!"


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