21 Pairs of Cats and Dogs Who Are Boldly Choosing Snuggles Over Struggles

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Cats and dogs may have a contentious history, but these canine-feline pairs are living proof that peace and love can prevail.

1. Be honest, could you resist giving this gently toasted marshmallow a cuddle?

2. A heating pad thaws even the iciest of relationships.

3. 🎶 "And it seems I find the happiness I seek, when we nap together, dozing cheek to cheek" 🎶

4. "Caught these two in a hug. Love the guilty look!"

5. "The dog is tired from day care, the cat missed the dog all day, and this is what we get."

6. "Ummm, can we help you?"

7. A tender moment.

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8. Cat loaf between two slices of puppernickel.

9. "Got my dog an emotional support kitten, this was their first week together."

10. Would you have spent so much on pet bedding if you'd known they were just going to use each other?

11. "This friendship between my dog, Tank, and Luigi the cat."

12. "I dunno, what do YOU wanna do?"

13. "So we decided to get a cat and we weren't sure how Storm was going to handle the idea... This is Savannah."

14. "They had to squish on the little bed together"

15. "I'd get up to say hello, but as you can see, I'm busy with something very important."

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16. "Caia loves her cat."

17. "I disturbed their nap for this... she is not impressed."

18. "They don’t like to properly snuggle but they do have to be touching"

19. Working hard to maintain their rank as National Nap Champions.

20. Relationship goals.

21. "Rowan and Twiggy have been friends for 11 years... Twiggy cleans Rowan's face every day. Their friendship gives me hope."


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