17 Animals That Are So Cute It's a Crime

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These critters are so cute that it should be illegal. At the very least, they should be required to get a license of some kind.

1. This alpaca is going to steal your heart.

2. She won't start the fight, but she will finish it.

3. Who wouldn't aid and abet this precious face?

4. Caught in the act!

5. Did you know you can use Up, Down, Up, Down, Boop Snoot to unlock a cheat code?

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6. What a doll.

7. Don't bother trying to get these rascals to tell you what they're laughing at.

8. So tiny, and yet so full of sass.

9. It's not extortion if the snuggles are freely given.

11. It's not that he can't hear you; it's that he doesn't care.

12. Very dapper bowtie, 10/10, would trust with retirement funds

13. "If I'm up, you're up!"

14. No kidding, it's hard to get cuter than this.

15. Look at this menace to society!

16. You're lying if you say you've seen a more photogenic duckling than this one.

17. Mischief managed.


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