22 Pets Doing Themselves A Hecking Good Grow

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Be careful who you call ugly in middle school, because you never know who's on the verge of a massive glow up. Just kidding, these animals started out cute and only got cuter.

1. Raven (dog) and Woodhouse (cat) have been mirroring each other's facial expressions since 2015!

2. "From baby floof to super model floof."

3. Squad goals.

4. "Celebrating a special birthday ... 10 years of lending an ear."

5. According to his owner, Squid has "always been fancy."

6. "Dahlia struggling in the first photo at 2 months and now at 1 year and 5 months."

7. "Three months to eleven months. Nigel, please stop growing."

8. "Bandit, 3 months vs. 2 years"

9. "Axl in a paper bag at 6 weeks old and Axl in a paper bag again today at 2.5 years."

10. Lincoln is a year old now. Still no sign of his eyes.

11. "From big spoon to little spoon in 10 months"

12. "Arlo the Black Lab, Boarder Collie, Golden Retriever grab bag of love, 7 weeks to 1 year!"

13. "Piko. She grew into her bobblehead."

14. "Jilly at 2 months vs 9 months- her body grew but ears stayed the same"

15. "Bowie and Jimmy from cute babies to angsty teens."

16. Some things never change.

giphy embed

17. "Smile stayed the same. Size not so much."

18. "Beautiful Romy, 100 pounds later"

19. "This is my boy Marlin.. the change in ear to body ratio kills me"

20. Arthur's facial hair is coming along nicely.

21. "There was a time when we weren't sure if Nimbus was even a cat. Here is her successful transformation from crinkled tissue to fluffy goddess"

22. "8 weeks to 1 year. She's still our little puppy though."


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