19 Dogs on Surf Adventures in The Ocean (& Kiddie Pools)

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Some dogs are pro surfers. Others need some training sessions in the kiddie pool. It's called balance.

1. Watch and learn, everyone.

2. I haven't graduated to real surfboards yet.

3. I really prefer being on land, if I can.

4. This whole surfing thing is overrated.

5. Ok, I'm standing up. Now what?

6. This is actually quite comfortable.

7. Hmm, this seems like a very small wave.

8. Ok, yes, I like this surfboard. How much?

9. Sorry for pushing you off.

10. Just getting in a little practice.

11. Paddle boarding is the same as surfing. Right?

12. I'm getting my tan on.

13. I'm getting the hand of this!

14. Thank you for letting me practice in the kiddie pool.

15. Are you sure I won't fall in?

16. I thought you said there'd be waves here.

17. I'm just practicing my form.

18. I'm not sure I appreciate getting wet like this.

19. Sleeping is better than surfing, if you ask me.


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