Enjoy These 18 Adorable Senior Dogs Living Their Best Lives

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Everyone knows puppies are cute, but we're here to let you in on a little secret: old dogs are also super freaking cute.

1. He looks like he'd give really good advice.

2. "Rescued a senior Floofer this year, we call this her 'retirement.'"

3. Mikey has been around for fifteen Christmases, which is enough for him to know that his presence is the real present.

4. "Adopted this 13 year old girl 2 weeks ago. I think she likes me."

5. "Did I buy my grandma and her senior corgi a utility cart to keep on doing what they love on our farm? You betcha."

6. "This lil’ girl’s face has gotten more white every year but her smile hasn’t changed."

7. Super senior supermodel.

8. "The color has faded over the years but their love hasn’t."

9. "My dog is too old to go on walks anymore, so my brother put her in a wheelbarrow and went around the neighborhood."

10. "My 15 year old senior lab has taken upon teaching our new 8 week old pup the art of life and their relationship is the cutest."

11. "Titan is my senior farm dog, when he gets to go for a ride, he sits like this the whole time for all the smells."

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12. "I work at a vet clinic where my senior rescue sits on the reception desk, greeting everyone and charming them into giving her lots of treats. One of our clients bought her an authentic Burberry sweater. So spoiled."

13. Independent doggo doesn't need a walker.

14. "Most of the time my brother's old girl gets overshadowed by the younger dogs in [the] house. Today she went for a ride with dad all by herself. Look at that face!"

15. "My senior boy made it up on the bed this morning."

16. The solar battery takes a little longer to recharge, but it still works!

17. "The Arizona Humane Society uses Boots, a senior dog, to acclimate kittens to dogs."

18. "Dasher, the sweet old beagle who resides in the senior living facility where my Gram has been staying. Rode the elevator with him on tonight’s visit. He roams around the dining room and residents’ rooms and keeps them company. He’s a good boy and really brightens up the place."


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