Treat Yourself to These 20 Pictures of Wholesome Animal Antics

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You can't have too much of a good thing when the good thing is critters being adorable. Please enjoy this heaping helping of heart-healthy, guilt-free, totally organic goofballs.

1. The stars have aligned.

2. "My dog thinks I'm a chair sometimes. Oh well."

3. "I had to put out a decoy keyboard so my solar keyboard could charge"

4. "I don’t have monsters under my bed, I have one under my table"

5. "Draw me like one of your French girls."

6. "I asked Samson if he was a happy boy. This was his answer!"

7. The fearsome house panther in its natural habitat.

8. Dog is a duck's best friend. Everyone knows that.

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9. Warm day?

10. "My model greyhound LOVES when the hats come out! He'll do anything for extra attn. & cookies."

11. "Framing our best picture"

12. "Pardón madame, could you spare a few sprays?"

giphy embed

13. "Find yourself a dog who looks at you like this"

14. How could you possibly say no to this face?

15. "My local wildlife shelter had one of their soft release raccoons manage to sneak over the fence and into the deer pen. Adorableness ensued."

16. "Dahja says GOOOD MORNING!!"

17. "And ye shall be named... Cinnamon Roll."

18. "I think they are warming up to each other."

19. "When the kitchen has smelled like enchiladas for hours and you're done being polite."

20. "A kitten followed my mail cart for four blocks. Went back later to find her huddled by a garbage pile. Guess I adopted a kitten."


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