19 Cats With Noodles For Bones

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Many people believe that cats are made of liquid. This is false. Cats are made of spaghetti and we have proof.

1. "No cat was harmed in the making of this photograph"

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2. "This is Basil, and he is 1 gallon."

3. "Elbow Macaroni"

4. Just do it.

5. "Turns out pretzels sink when dropped in a jar of cat."

6. "I think the factory messed up his tail placement."

7. "This is Mewbert. She’s tired from a long day of napping."

8. "I thought I adopted a cat, not a pretzel..."

9. "Somebody forgot to put the cap on and he's just oozing out."

10. "My back hurts just by looking at this."

11. Vogue.

12. "He slept like this for a good while, I was obviously completely stuck in that time period."

13. "90 degrees of noodle."

14. How is this comfortable?

15. A delicate equilibrium.

16. "Uh, Milo, I think your back's on backwards."

17. "Three legged noodle."

18. "Dripping through the hole in his tower."

19. Sink's clogged again.


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