16 Dogs Who Are Really Into the News

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It's so important to stay up to date on current events! These dogs know that all too well and they also love doing crossword puzzles occasionally. Subscribe to your local paper!

1. Quiz me on current events; I know everything.

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2. Hmm...interesting developments.

3. Let's see what's on the next page.

4. Wanna read with me?

5. Newspapers are also very fashionable.

6. I love the front page of newspapers!

7. I wanna read this sentence again. It's very interesting.

8. The ads are just as important as the other stuff. Right?

9. Let's solve this puzzle together!

10. Here's today's paper just for you.

11. Do you see this amazing deal on T-bone steaks?!

12. I enjoy reading in bed.

13. Here I come bearing good news!

14. Let's see what's going on in the world.

15. I'm a puzzle genius.

16. The funnies are my favorite. How about you?


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