14 Dogs Who Are Tired of the Pawparazzi

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It's not easy being really, really, ridiculously photogenic. But sometimes you get tired of your person constantly putting a camera in your snout! Honestly, when will humans understand?

1. An attempt was made to hide from the pawparazzi.

2. Ugh, the struggle is real when you're this photogenic.

3. Yes, I realize I have many good angles, but you need to chill.

4. Say cheese? Nah, I prefer a nap instead.

5. No photos, please. Just treats and a comfy bed, thanks.

6. If you're wondering why I look so tired, it's because I'm carrying the weight of my cuteness all day long.

7. My paws are perfect, but I need a 'pawse' from all the flashing lights!

8. Fame is great, but naps are greater. Can we strike a deal, human?

9. I told you it's impossible to avoid the pawparazzi.

10. Stop telling me to smile. I only smile for snacks. Sometimes.

11. Human, we've been wanting to talk to you about your obsession with us.

12. Consider this an intervention. An intervention for your camera addiction.

13. Yes, I've got more poses than a supermodel, but even I need a break from the camera.

14. Sometimes you gotta deliberately sabotage the photo.


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