15 Dogs Helping Out on Laundry Day

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Laundry day is always a special day for these dogs. Honestly, without their help, their humans would not be able to accomplish so much. Double the treats, please!

1. I'll do the laundry if you give the treats.

2. Wow. It's exhausting folding laundry.

3. Hmm, interesting mechanism. Very impressive.

4. Whoa, there's a lot of lint in here.

5. The face you make when everything is so fresh and so clean.

6. How many towels can one household have?

7. Gotta love that fresh laundry smell!

8. Protector of the laundry pile.

9. Everything looks to be in order.

10. Don't worry; I'm an expert.

11. Please appreciate my amazing towel-folding skills!

12. This could be a cozy hiding place in the future.

13. Socks are my favorite part of laundry day.

14. Taking laundry-watching duties extremely seriously.


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