16 Dogs To Brighten Your Day With Their Funny Faces

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Dogs bring joy in many ways, including by making some of the funniest faces ever. They don't know they're looking goofy, but that just makes it even better. Innocent goofiness will always brighten your day and turn that frown upside down.

1. That feeling when you immediately regret your decision.

2. The goofball face comes out when you're so excited for dinner.

3. It's a goofy face-off!

4. When your human is talking and you don't understand a word.

5. Contemplating all of life's mysteries like.

6. When your human tells you to pose in front of the sunset, but you don't even know what a sunset is.

7. The terror that hits you when they ask you to play something on the piano and you haven't been practicing.

8. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Ready to go home.

9. Trying to keep your cool when they ask you something dumb, but your face gives you away.

10. Feeling a little grumpy when they don't scratch you in the right spot.

11. The "I demand a treat" face.

12. The face that says "I'm not leaving the park yet."

13. Hoping this expression gets him a treat.

14. "Keep the scratches coming."

15. "I'd like a little privacy while eating, please."

16. "I am fearsome, hear me roar!"


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