20 Cats Showing Off Their Adorable Little Teefs

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The powerful jaws of a lion strike terror into the hearts of rational creatures, but those same powerful jaws shrunk down to miniature in our own little house panthers? Precious.

1. Look how teensy!

2. Say "teef!"

3. "he sleep at dusk, he sleep at dawn, but somehow still, he always yawn"

4. The perfect view.

5. Singularly adorable.

6. "Mom! What are you doing? Get away from the wet!"

7. Looks like the new kid is settling in just fine.

8. Two-hole punch.

9. "My dad sent me this 'very ugly but so so sweet' kitty from his Airbnb in Hawaii. Her name is Agnes."

10. When the head scratches hit just right.

11. "Graduated #1 in my class at the Handsome Boy Modeling School"

12. Fun fact: cats have baby teeth just like humans! They're replaced by grown up teeth when the cat is around 12 weeks old.

13. "This is Lucy she likes to eat cobwebs and raise hell"

14. Cats are at their most photogenic when they're mid-sneeze.

15. Strong middle school picture day vibes on this one.

16. Vampire kitty requires permission to come inside... and go out... and come back in...

17. "This is Timon. He might be a termite."

18. "This hug has lasted long enough"

19. "Greg yells at me every morning while I get ready for work."

20. "Can I please chase something already?"


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