19 Cats That Are Probably Aliens In Disguise

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Have you ever seen your cat stare off into nothing as if listening to something you couldn't hear? The most obvious explanation is that your cat is actually an alien receiving transmissions from outer space on an ultrasonic frequency. Here are a bunch of other cats that are almost definitely aliens.


1. Do not be fooled by the fluff!

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2. It was a rough landing.

3. "My cats eyes do this when she's uplinking with the mothership."

4. She's angry that her spaceship was apprehended.

5. This one has antennae for phoning home.

6. "My cat becomes an alien whenever we apply his ear drops."

7. Light beam attack!

8. Just sleeping... or is she?

9. Straight out of The Shining.

10. You've heard of the Facehugger; now meet the Wristhugger.

11. "Luna doesn't loaf properly. Instead she does... whatever this is."

12. A rare glimpse of their true form!

13. "Heard evil laughter coming from the cabinet."

14. "My cat 1 minute after I let him go outside."

15. "Coordinates received. Blasting off."

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16. Looking normal like a normal cat looks.

17. They may react strangely when introduced to Earth's native flora.

18. "He does this every time I unload the dishwasher."

19. "She'll hold this pose until you pet her…"

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