15 Dogs (And a Cat) Enjoying The Fall Foliage

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Dogs may not be able to appreciate the changing color of the leaves to the extent we can, but they can and do appreciate the crunch!

1. "For me?"

2. So stealthy.

3. What a view.

4. Say "leaves!"

5. Winter is coming.

6. Autumn-induced zoomies.

7. The face of someone about to roll in something smelly.

8. "Maddie Got to Play in the Leaves Today"

9. "Dobby, my furry nephew, admiring the fall foliage with me."

10. Thinking deep thoughts.

11. "And just as I’m about to clean up the front, Zali decides to roll in the leaves and bark at passing cars!"

12. Shh...

13. "These leaves are tickling my tummy."

14. "Much foliage. Very nom. Wow."

15. Quit trying to move his leaves.

16. Very good camouflage, except for the crunching and rustling.


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