19 Cats (And A Couple Dogs) Doing A Big Stretch

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The only thing more satisfying than watching your pet do a big stretch is doing yourself a big stretch. We recommend doing both at once!

1. Flexing the murder mittens is an important part of any big stretch.

2. "Stewie doing a big stretch after relaxing in the sun all day."

3. "She’s ready for October."

4. "Massive stretch."

5. "Big Stretch after destroying the edge of the carpet."

6. "Lulu's Morning Yoga!"

7. File this under 'photographs you can hear.'

8. "Making the shape of his favorite letter 'L.' Because 'L' is for 'Lazy.'"

9. "Juni loves the new picnic blanket."

10. "Big stretch after a little cat nap."

11. "Fox has a question!"

12. "Every time my boyfriend comes home, Daisy waits for him to 'give her a stretch.'"

giphy embed

13. "L o n g"

14. "Big stretcheroo in front of the fire on the first day of fall."

15. "We have liftoff."

16. "Kylo doing a biiiiiiig toe stretch."

17. "Bubbles enjoying his afternoon nap (and belly rubs)"

18. "This is how she likes to say hi when I get out of the shower every morning."

19. "The sunlight stretch."


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