16 Smiling Dogs to Brighten Your Day

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They say smiling is contagious, so let these happy pups turn your frown upside down!

1. "I'm ready for my bedtime story!"

2. How can you not smile at a view like this?

3. That feeling when you get yourself a little treat because you deserve it.

4. There's a new sheriff in town, and she hopes you're having a great day!

5. That special kind of tired after you've had the best day ever.

6. "Here's a smile from Sadie the 15 year old corgi."

7. A spring in your step always goes great with a smile!

8. Is there anything more pure than the way this dog is gazing at her human?

9. Classic family photo: everyone is smiling, except for the brooding teenager in the back.

11. Pro tip: take your selfies super close to your face so everyone can admire your little teefies.

12. Nothing beats a smile pile!

13. You can tell they're siblings from their matching grins.

14. This Shiba is overjoyed that the park installed these swings, which are clearly intended for dogs.

15. A smile that looks great from every angle.

16. Always remember to stop and smell the flowers!


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