21 Freshly Baked Cat Loaves to Get You Through Your Week

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Grab some butter and jam, the loaves are ready!

1. Mini toasted marshmallow loaf

2. Is it a loaf or a black hole warping time and space before our eyes?

3. A loaf fresh from the grocery store

4. Tip: place loaves next to heating vents for extra toasting

5. Camouflaged loaf

6. Portable handheld loaf

7. These loaves were a buy one get one free

8. Organic loaf

9. This loaf has some burnt edges

9. A loaf on multiple levels

10. A rare behind the scenes look at a freshly baked loaf

11. This loaf comes with a bonus blep

12. The world record holder for smallest loaf

13. This loaf is definitely getting crumbs all over the couch

14. Lord Loaf: king of the fuzzy blankets

15. Loafing in the designated loaf chair

16. This loaf leads a double life as a witch

17. Chocolate-dipped loaf

18. "All aboard the loaf train!"

19. This loaf got a little squished in the pan

20. Extra fluffy loaf

21. Two identical twin loaves


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