17 Newly Adopted Pets On Their First Night At Home

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Adding an animal companion to your family is a big deal and it can be pretty nerve-wracking. That's why it's so satisfying to see these pets settling into their new homes like they've been there all along.

1. "First night with the new man in my life!!!"

2. "Her first night in her forever home."

3. "We got a new puppy... and he's settled right in on his first night."

4. "Meet Munchkin! She's Sleeping on her first night home. She's 3 months old."

5. "His first night at the house and so chill."

6. "I wanted a kitten, my boyfriend did not. We compromised and got a kitten. This is her first night home."

7. "My foster dog had never been indoors before. This is her first nap, on a bed, in a home."

8. "Throwback to our first night together."

9. "Meet Skadi... her first night home, and she's so sweet and cuddly, even in my armpit here."

10. "I was worried how my older male cat would react to the new female kitten. This is their first night together."

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11. "First night at home, I think she’ll do just fine."

12. "This is my first kitty... Gravel's first night with me."

13. "The Early Boy's first night at home. He decided my guitar case was comfortable. I couldn't say no to that face."

14. "It was his first night in his new home. He fell asleep mid-play holding my hand."

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15. "First Night, Xena fell in love with her smaller adopted brother Watson."

16. "Adopted a new friend yesterday. This was his first night at his new home."

17. "My friend's newly adopted dog on her first night home, being watched over by their former doggo."


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