19 Adorably Unflattering Photos of Dogs Looking Down

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Everyone looks silly when photographed from underneath, including these dogs. At least they're not self-conscious about their wrinkles.

1. This is a great way to get drool on your camera.

2. "I just wanted to lay in the sun but noooo... miss 'no personal space' had to interrupt."

3. Next time someone asks you about "updog," you can show them this picture!

4. "Are you awake yet? I see squirrels outside."

5. Preparing for lift-off.

6. "Everything OK down there?"

7. The kitchen floor inspector has arrived.

8. "Oscar was a majestic beast."

9. "How dogs In Australia look down."

10. Contemplating whether to pick up the remote, or just watch the weather channel.

11. It doesn't get classier than pearls.

12. The last thing a Milkbone sees before it dies.

13. Ruff morning?

14. "pls come home 911 emergency"

giphy embed

15. Does this cloud look like a dog to anyone else?

16. TFW you drop your keys in the dark abyss between the car seats and wonder if you should just buy a new car

17. That "did I really eat half the bag?" feeling.

18. "POV: You’re a crumb on the staircase"

19. Are they ears, or are they angel wings?


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