15 Pets Defying the Laws of Physics

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We all know our pets are adorable, but did you know they can also bend time and space to their will?!

1. Imagine just casually chilling on two planes of existence like this guy

2. How is she staying up?!

3. "Anti-gravity lips and ears"

4. Don't mind me, just walking on air

5. It's not every day you see a small black hole balanced precariously in the corner of your room

6. When running doesn't cut it, sometimes you simply have to take flight

7. "Caught my cat just casually living in a different realm of gravity"

8. Just standing on a completely vertical surface like it's nothing

9. When you have a gravity-defying cat, it's kind of impossible to keep them off of the furniture

10. Legs should NOT bend that way

11. ...or that way!!

12. Everyone in this picture looks confused about how this is physically possible

13. Shrodinger's cat, is that you?!

14. I'm pretty sure this is how astronauts sleep in zero gravity

15. "I must go, my home planet needs me."


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