18 Dogs With Very Important Jobs

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These hard working puppers make the 9 to 5 grind look downright adorable.

1. Hopper may not know where anything in the store is, but he looks great in orange.

2. The office manager can be a little strict sometimes, but at least she keeps a bowl of treats on her desk.

3. Willie loves telling people he "went to Cornell"

4. Payments accepted at this shop include treats, scritches, and pats.

5. A truly professional sign spinner will spin ANY sign, regardless of its message.

6. "Hi, I'm Snowball the lawyer, and I want to represent you pro-bone-o."

7. "K9-1-1, what's your emergency?"

8. This company created the "guardian of the copier" position just for this outstanding applicant.

9. This talented art teacher is just finishing up an interactive unit on Picasso.

10. The barktender will take your order now.

11. This high-profile streamer does NOT appreciate being interrupted mid-game.

12. Don't worry, this pilot has decades of experience (in dog years)

13. Don't listen to what anyone says - being a toolbox IS a real job!

14. Who says you need hands to operate a forklift?

15. This perfect driver deserves no less than 5 stars.

16. When you need to supplement your weekday firefighter job with a weekend sailing instructor job.

17. "Pass me the socket wrench. And then keep holding onto it because I don't have thumbs."

18. He may not have a job yet, but he sure is excited for this interview!


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