15 Pets Enjoying Hanukkah

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When Hanukkah arrives, it's time to break out the menorahs and donuts, and of course, a cute holiday-themed sweater for your pup. These pets are going to provide you with a whole "latke" laughs over Hanukkah.

1. The menorah lights are too mesmerizing for this Chihuahua to resist.

2. ...or this golden doodle!

3. Am I ready for Hanukkah? I was born ready.

4. These dogs are ready to chow down on some latkes.

5. So is this cat!

6. This dog is dreaming of one more latke for the last night.

7. Time for a Hanukkah group photo.

8. Holy moly, is that Hanukkah pup cute.

9. Hanukkah delivery!

10. And of course, there's the traditional Hanukkah chinchilla.

11. This dog beat me at the dreidel game last year. They're good!

12. When this dog gives you the puppy eyes, you give them eight nights of their favorite treats for the holiday.

13. Have questions about how to properly light the menorah? Just ask this cute dog.

14. It's a great time of year to cuddle up with your favorite festive blanket.

15. Hanukkah is the time of year when we all come together to celebrate, no matter what animal you are.


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