15 Pets Enjoying Hanukkah

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When Hanukkah rolls around, it's time to break out the menorahs and donuts, and of course, a cute holiday-themed sweater for your pup. These pets are going to provide you with a whole "latke" laughs over Hanukkah.

1. This chihuahua is ready to chow down on some latkes and sour cream.

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2. The menorah lights are too mesmerizing for this pup to resist.

Image Credit: jessicanelson/RooM/GettyImages

3. .....or this cat!

4. This kitten is ready for the dreidel to come out.

5. I can't tell if that's Aunt Gertrude or her poodle.

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6. Holy moly, is that Hanukkah pup cute.

Image Credit: jtyler/iStock/GettyImages

7. Hanukkah delivery!

8. And of course, there's the traditional Hanukkah chinchilla.

9. That dog beat me at the dreidel game last year. He's good!

Image Credit: GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Stone/GettyImages

10. When this dog gives you the puppy eyes, you give her eight nights of her favorite treats for the holiday.

Image Credit: JodiJacobson/iStock/GettyImages

11. Ummm... what happened to the Hanukkah decoration, Mr. Fluffs?

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12. Have questions about how to properly light the menorah? Just ask the cute assistant rabbi.

Image Credit: darak77/iStock/GettyImages

13. It's a great time of year to cuddle up with your favorite festive blanket.

Image Credit: Daryl Solomon/Photodisc/GettyImages

14. Am I ready for Hanukkah? I was born ready.

15. Hanukkah is the time of year when we all come together to celebrate, no matter what breed you are.


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