20 Dogs Who Got You the Perfect Holiday Gift

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Some humans feel that shopping for other humans isn't always easy. Dogs, on the other hand, are very good at gift giving and they know it.

1. "Weird clump of dirt" was definitely on your list, right?

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2. Get ready to be cozy in your new slipper! Wait, you have how many feet again?

3. I got you a pillow that's the exact same color and texture as me. Get it? Because you love me so much!

4. I was going to put this money inside of a card, but then I remembered I can't write.

5. I got you this pacifier to remind you that I am baby.

6. Pretty sure humans love raw, unwashed vegetables that are covered in slobber.

7. I think we should have burgers for dinner. On an unrelated note, I got you these burger buns. Please use them ASAP.

8. ...and for dessert, nothing beats a freshly mouthed marshmallow.

9. You know how dogs are perfect angels and you can never have enough of them? Surprise!

10. I know your favorite game is Throw The Stick, so I got you the biggest stick of all!

11. I got you some tape to fix all of your human problems.

12. They say to never look a gift horse in the mouth, but nobody ever said anything about putting a gift horse in your own mouth.

13. Brought a gift and a little extra attitude on the side.

14. Once you figure out how to get this thing off of my head, it'll be perfect for hanging up your strange human clothes.

15. You can use this basket to store all kinds of things! Like treats, cheese, loose meat... you know, the essentials.

16. I just thought this stinky old sock was so you.

17. Good news, we can play twice as much fetch now!

18. Enjoy this exotic human delicacy I procured from the counter.

19. I noticed the cat has been acting up lately, so...I'm just gonna leave this here.

20. Happy holidays, I got you this paper towel. On a totally unrelated note, I peed in the kitchen.