16 Pets Just Rollin' Around

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Is there anything more delightful than watching your pet transform into a rolly-polly?

1. Check out this beautiful Spring roll

2. When you can't roll around in the sun, a table lamp will do just fine.

3. Pro tip: If you roll around hard enough you wind up with an awesome bed head!

4. Mouth open, head empty, no thoughts - only roll.

5. "I enjoy catnip, wet food, and long roll-arounds on the beach."

6. Being comfortable in an uncomfortable position just for spite is a classic cat move.

Image Credit: Robert Way/iStock/GettyImages

7. When you love to roll around but you also love yoga, so you seamlessly go into a back bend mid-roll

Image Credit: Mikhail Dmitriev /iStock/GettyImages

8. "Mom, take a picture of me looking very cool in the grass"

9. Raise your paw if you love to roll around directly in front of where your humans are trying to walk!

10. The best part of this roll is gonna be coming inside and shaking off all that snow all over the furniture.

11. "Please leave me alone human, I am solar charging."

12. Pure autumnal bliss

13. Sometimes you get so into the roll that you become one with the carpet.

14. "Draw me (and my ball) like one of your French girls."

15. When you're not totally sure how to perform the food summoning ritual, but you're pretty sure looking cute in front of the bowl is part of it.

16. Bonus points for showing off those little teefies mid-roll!

Honorable mention: the sweetest roll of all.


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