19 Dogs Who Did Themselves A Heckin' Good Grow

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Puppies don't turn into dogs overnight, but it definitely feels like they do. One day they're just a little handful, and then all of a sudden they're a much bigger handful!

1. She's a cutie and she knows it, but she would still appreciate an affirmation, please.

2. It's been clear from the beginning that Marvin is a star.

3. Find the corner with the heating vent and never let it go.

4. TFW it's been three years and your parents still carry you everywhere.

5. "My noodles, 3 months to almost 2 years."

6. "Dahlia struggling in the first photo at 2 months and now at 1 year and 5 months."

7. Mia and her ears have come a long way.

8. It took less than a year for Peanut to outgrow her name.

9. "Beautiful Romy, 100 pounds later"

10. A year later, Cora still hasn't blinked.

11. "My boy became a friggin wolf"

12. "Little squirt to big squirt. Mac at 10 weeks, 9 months, and 3 years."

13. "Officially in the double digits, happy birthday my darling boy!"

14. This is Kobe and he spent the last three years in the gym.

15. "Lincoln at 3 months and one year!"

16. "From tiny potato to smiling potato."

17. "Pumba - 7 weeks to 10 months"

18. "2 years later, still 'splootin'"

19. "Gus at 8 weeks, 4 months, and 9 months. Love him more every day."


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