17 Pets Too Cute To Stay Mad At

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Every pet has a couple of habits that drive their person up the wall. Instead of getting angry, just take a picture of that furry rascal, and put it on the internet!

1. "Went to make a cup of tea and this jerk settled in for the night."

2. "Sir, I have successfully neutralized the magazine! I now request my treat!"

3. "Our personal confetti machine."

4. "I guess my puppy doesn’t know how big he is anymore."

5. "Yum!"

6. "Yes, that's a $40 plush dog bed next to his preferred dirty vinyl grill cover."

7. "Good morning to you too."

8. "You look cold! I'll warm you up!"

9. "So much for hair-free clothes."

10. "I have to tape the cabinet shut to keep her out of the treats!"

11. "I just want to watch basketball..."

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Image Credit: creamfrase via Reddit


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12. "She has a whole farm where she can sit anywhere, yet she chooses to sit on the cat time and time again."

13. "She lies in wait for her next victim."

14. "Puzzle later. Dinner now."

15. "New bed for doggo, he was so excited..."

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Image Credit: firebelliednewt via Reddit

16. "What are you waiting for? Get me another one!"

17. "There is still pizza in there."


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