Treat Yourself to 19 Fuzzy Kitty Tummies

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The soft expanse of fur on a cat's belly is one of nature's greatest wonders... and one of their most dangerous traps. Only the brave of heart and quick of hand dare lay a finger on that tempting terrain. The rest of us must admire from a distance.

1. Baby's big bottle belly.

2. "My kitten is a little confused about the whole 'grooming' thing."

3. Spots and stripes!

4. "Practicing his 'praying mantis' pose..."

5. "Can you tell they are sisters?"

6. Polite kitten raises his hand to ask a question.

7. "I call this position 'the manatee'"

8. Ballerina belly.

9. "We made her funniest photo into a pillow. Unprompted, she immediately posed for comparison. Now we have a new funniest photo."

10. "Her winter coat is taking her fluffiness to comical levels."

11. "Cupcake attempting to be cute after yelling in my ear for two straight hours while I was trying to sleep."

13. Only the best in home décor.

14. Long belly is l o o o n g.

15. "Tempting but it’s a trap!"

16. "This is George. George is not our cat. He does not live with us. But he is one of four cats that visits us almost every day."

17. "My kitchen 'helper,' he does this in front of the stove when I’m trying to cook."

18. Look, ma, no hands!

19. Perfect camouflage.


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