Please Enjoy 16 Dogs (And One Cat) Doing Themselves A Zoom

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Before there were Zoom meetings, there were zoomies: the sudden and inexplicable urge that animals sometimes get to run around really, really, really fast.

1. "Caught mid-beach zoomies after lockdown."

2. Zooming in 3...2...1

3. Technically, this might be more accurately classified as a galumph.

4. Snow zoomies!

5. "My dad's new puppy the moment you look at her."

6. "❄️❄️❄️Snow zoomies are the best!!⛄️⛄️⛄️"

7. "Elmo’s first zoomie caught on photo."

8. Autumn-flavored zoomies

9. "He was raised in an all-concrete shelter. He goes wild every time we step into nature."

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Image Credit: via Reddit


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

10. "Abby’s zoomie face"

11. Incoming!

12. There's no catching this Greyhound.

13. Must. Run. Faster.

14. Parkour!

15. "The way my dog carries her donut toy... (ft. rare side Zoomies)"

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Image Credit: doorknob2150 via Reddit


16. When you zoom so hard you turn into a Velociraptor.

17. The zoom can no longer be contained.