20 Goofy Dogs Here To Steal Your Heart

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There are a lot of good reasons to love dogs: their loyalty, their affection, and their intelligence, to name a few. But who needs a good reason when dogs are so lovable just as they are?

1. Make sure to follow the instruction manual when assembling your dog.

2. "All the toys in the world, and he chooses to play ‘keep away’ with my mallet mid-project."

3. "Our foster dog was handed an XL body and an XXXL head at the dog factory."

4. Some dogs do yoga, some dogs prefer gentle assisted stretching.

5. Mom just wanted one nice photo to show the grandparents, but no...

6. "My friend owns a small laser cutting company and made us a sign to hang on our fence."

7. "Ellie is VERY Judgmental and Generally Disapproving of Everyone"

8. "My girl at doggy daycare today. She is beauty and she is grace."

9. Sorry, couch is full.

10. "He usually gets a bit of chicken or pork in his bowl if we’re having it. The salad did not go down well…"

11. "My dog stares at me like this to gain the bed pat giving her permission to jump up."

12. Nailed it!

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Image Credit: Skywalker_047 via Reddit


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

13. "He thinks this face will convince me to let him on the couch."

14. "Blop-pin’ ain’t easy."

15. When your parents tell you the new baby is here to stay.

16. "Our little girl hates getting her feet wet, so she walks on two legs. Her front legs."

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Image Credit: MrAthalan via Reddit


17. Rest assured, the neighborhood watch is always on guard.

18. "My dogs share a mouth sometimes."

19. "Bought him a cute raincoat, somehow ended up with a giant sad banana."

20. "I suggested we go inside, and was immediately side-eyed."


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