16 Pets Doing Things Their Own Way

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These critters march to the beat of their own drum. OK, maybe it's less of a march and more of an interpretive dance. Whatever it is, we're not here to judge them, just to laugh and take pictures.

1. "Let me-owt!"

2. If anyone asks, she was asleep the whole time and is obviously innocent.

3. "Whenever I'm in the kitchen, Magnus sits and stares at me until I make him a foil ball."

4. "My dog doesn't like it when you sneeze so she tries to hide in the dishwasher."

5. "I’ve been feeding this stray cat in my complex for about a month. It’s gotten to the point where she follows me around on my walks even. This morning I was greeted to her doing this."

6. "Now she may look drunk, but all we had was a fun day at the park."

7. And you were worried they wouldn't get along?

8. "One year apart, still the same humping buddy."

9. "Her cardboard box collection"

10. Somewhere nearby, a curious baby just tasted a dirty tennis ball.

11. "Gotta catch 'em all... and by all I mean all of my socks."

12. Master of his domain.

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Image Credit: Chasith via Reddit


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

13. "It takes a village to raise my neighbor's cat."

14. "She lays on her back and does this until we play with her."

15. Say cheese!

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Image Credit: Boojibs via Reddit


16. "Bella relaxes like this every day. Not sure how relaxing it can be, but she likes it."


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