18 Cats Who Let Their Curiosity Override Their Judgment

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Cats: they are so intelligent, yet also very good at letting their curiosity override their judgment. These cats have no idea how they ended up where they are, but they are doing just fine, thanks.

1. When bird-watching turns from a passive hobby into a perilous sport.

2. When you get caught playing dress-up in your mom's closet.

3. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

4. His only mistake was getting caught.

5. They say video games can be a bad influence on children. But, did you know that cats who watch too many spy movies are 12 times more likely to attempt those cool stunts themselves?

6. This cat does not recommend recreating the scene from the "hang in there" inspirational poster.

7. When the cat insists on going outside and doesn't listen to you when you say they're not going to like it out there.

8. This kitten is trying to decide whether his situation is a) concerning or b) amazing. Should probably think about it over a meal.

9. This cat took the proverb "to be successful, you must be comfortable with being uncomfortable" a bit too literally and didn't consider the possibility that you can be uncomfortable and still not succeed at...whatever he was trying to accomplish here.

10. This cat very well could have banished herself to the Hammock of Shame, but she'll never admit it.

11. This bug inspector is performing a thorough examination of those hard-to-reach spots where spiders could be lurking.

12. "Hey, do you know where we keep the mac and cheese?"

13. A not-so-subtle way to express your distaste for someone's interior decorating choices.

14. Highliners hate him: meet the cat who effortlessly outperformed the extreme sport's top athletes, then barfed on their shoes.

15. He could have caught that butterfly if it wasn't for that meddling screen door.

16. "Ohh, how cute," they all giggled, "he thinks he's a cat burglar!" But what they didn't know was that this cat is wanted in several states for car theft.

17. This acro-cat has been training for years and finally pulled off her most advanced move yet.

18. Don't disturb him, he is clearly performing an elaborate ritual to invoke the lunchmeat gods.


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