Nutritious Cat Food Toppers That Make Mealtime More Enjoyable

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Eating the same thing day in and day out may sound like an unsustainable nightmare to some people, and for some cats, the feeling is all too familiar. Whether your cat is suffering from some type of stress or ailment that's making them hesitant to eat, or simply tired of their existing diet, she may just need a little extra something to make those mealtimes enjoyable again. Enter, cat food toppers. Available in a wide variety of flavors, consistencies, and benefits, cat food toppers are simply meant to add a little extra something to a cat's daily diet, be that to enhance flavor or deliver an added dose of nutrients or minerals. Most toppers are of a softer consistency than dry food and come as broths, treats, oils, stews, and more, so finding the right fit for any cat is made easy with just a few informed choices.


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What to consider when purchasing cat food toppers

Dental Health:‌ Keeping your cat's dental health in mind is an important aspect of choosing anything that will go into their mouth. This rings especially true for senior cats, for whom conditions like gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth resorption are especially common. Sensitive teeth and gums may do better with soft toppers like broths or wet varieties.

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Flavors:‌ This one may seem like a no-brainer, but the flavor of your cat's topper may not matter depending on why your cat prefers it over her food. If your feline just prefers a more wet consistency on dry food, the flavor selection may not matter, but for some, it will. If you're not sure what flavor of food your cat prefers, it's best to start with a small pouch, which can usually be found for less than or around $1, and experiment with the varieties. If you have a house full of felines who will eventually eat what's in front of them, variety packs are a great way to break things up throughout the week.


Consistency:‌ Another preference that will vary from cat to cat, the consistency of a topper can make or break your cat's experience with it, so finding the right one is key. Broth is an easy choice that not many cats will disagree with, while oils may be more of an acquired taste for some felines. If and when you find something your cat likes, it's best to stick with it rather than change it up and possibly waste your time, money, and effort.


Delivery:‌ Toppers are usually available in pouches or cans, so if you have a cat who cannot or will not finish a topper in one day, this may affect which type of topper will be the practical choice for you. Many pouch toppers are resealable, although not all are, so if you have a light eater on your hands or are just looking to add a little smack of flavor to your cat's dish, look out for a container that seals up. Most cans don't reseal, so if you aren't looking to store leftovers in a different airtight container, reaching for a topper in a resealable pouch may be your best bet.


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The best wet cat food topper

A commonly used topper, and a great place to start if you aren't sure what type of enhancement your cat might like, is a wet food variety, which pours over your cat's dry meal easily. This variety pack is a solid choice if you aren't sure which flavor of food your cat might prefer, and comes with chicken, chicken and duck, chicken and beef, chicken and egg, and chicken and salmon options for your hungry cat to try out. Made with non-GMO ingredients, this topper contains zero fruits, vegetables, or grains, and isn't made with artificial flavors or preservatives, delivering only essential nutrients to your cat. With 10 cans in total, this variety pack will likely satisfy most cats, or help you find your cat's preferred flavor combo for future meals.



The best freeze-dried cat food topper

For felines who prefer more of a morsel-type treat, these freeze-dried options are an excellent candidate to consider, both for their intense flavor and their ease of delivery. Using what they call the "whole prey" approach, this brand of treats claims to use the most nutrient-dense parts of the animals used, which include free-range chicken, turkey, and wild-caught monkfish, all of which are utilized raw and not processed. One look at this ingredients list will show you a variety of meat, and one preservative, but no other fillers or grains. These treats are also an excellent option for cats who are watching their weight as each treat is only one calorie. The product will still make your cat's meals taste great, but it won't contribute to weight gain.


The best flavor-enhancing cat food topper

Some cats love toppers for the wet consistency they provide, while others just need a little more flavor out of their food. This oil served in a convenient and mess-free pump bottle is definitely designed with the latter in mind, offering a concentrated dose of wild Alaskan salmon oil which can be easily added to any dish. Not only does it taste and smell great (to cats—how you perceive it may differ), it's rich in EPA and DHA, both of which are omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to skin and fur health. The pump design makes it easy to dispense as much or as little as you like, although they recommend adding one teaspoon to your cat's meals every day.


The best broth cat food topper

For the feline who just wants a little added moisture to their food without the mess or effort of a wet topper, this light broth offers a touch of flavor with just a few tiny morsels of meat in every pouch. Better yet, this variety pack comes with four pouches each of seafood blends, including tuna, tuna and whitefish, tuna, whitefish and anchovies, and salmon and vegetables. That said, if your cat isn't known for being a seafood lover, this variety pack may not be for your household, though broths in your cat's more preferred flavors may still be the little added boost your cat needs.


The best cat food topper for seniors

We all start to slow down when we get up there in age, and our bodies sometimes need a little supplementation to get us through the day. Cats are no different, and because senior cats are especially prone to health issues like dental diseases and obesity, anything we can add to their diets to keep them healthy and happy goes a long way. Served in an easy-to-eat "bisque" consistency, this affordable and tasty pouch is rich in vitamins B and E for muscle support in cats aged 10 years and older. If your cat doesn't love the chicken flavor or this consistency, this line offers alternatives including "stew," "soft pate," and "squeezable" varieties. As with all toppers, this is intended to be a supplement to their existing diet, and shouldn't be used as a substitute for a cat's well-balanced meal.

The best beef-flavored cat food topper

Most of the toppers listed here are for cats who love white meat, which includes most, but not all of them. Some cats prefer a darker gravy and beefy flavor with their food, and this roast beef-flavored gravy is a great option for them. Thicker than a broth but not chunky like a stew, this gravy topper offers to add moisture and hydration to a cat's existing dry meal, or little tastes can be given as a treat in between standard meal times. This one does contain artificial flavors, which many pet foods do, but that's worth keeping in mind in case you're looking for an all-natural option.



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